better late than never

Katherin Schlegel is on the move. She may have come into her modeling career late in the game, but she is not held back and is determined to see the world. We meet a few weeks back in a west village park while I was shooting for On Abbot Kinney and immediately I could see that this young woman was comfortable as herself. I would never have guessed she was from a small town and had only in the last few years been exposed to the world outside. After a day of shooting and talking I look forward to what Katherin will bring to world around her as she continues to expand her own personal life.


Age: 23

Born: Camden, TN

Agency: Major Models

Sign: Leo



How old were you when you started modeling?
I started when I was 20. Better late than never I say.

What did you do before you became a model?
Before I started modeling, I was a junior in college at Middle Tennessee State University. I was a mass communications major with a concentration in photojournalism. I minored in Spanish and art as well.

How did you get into modeling?
Well, I grew up in a small town, truly isolated from the rest of the world. I even went to university only a few hours away. While at college I met a friend who encouraged me to take a study abroad trip with her my junior year. I couldn’t even fathom what it would be like. I never knew anything other than what was around me in my small southern town. I spent two weeks studying museums in London. It was a major turning point in my life. I had an epiphany! I spent the first three days back home in complete restlessness. I knew my life would never be the same. I needed to travel, experience the world. I’d been told I could try modeling. So I joined a nearby modeling agency in Nashville. I worked with them for 6 months before I took a huge leap of faith and tried my chances in the big apple.

Since you started modeling, where are some of the favorite places you have worked in?

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always wanted to travel to Japan. Asian culture has always fascinated me. I took a trip to Tokyo last winter. It was one of my favorite experiences thus far. While I was working in Paris I was sent to Sicily for a weekend to work an event, I had one of those almost movie like experiences. A friend and I rode bikes along the coast, next to crystal clear waters and through cobblestone streets that made you feel like you were experiencing a blast from the past.

Of the cities you have been to, which is your favorite?
They are all so amazing in their own way, but I spent 3 months in Paris and the friends I made and the experiences I had during that time make it one of my favorite cities I’ve visited so far.


What is your favorite part about New York?
First and foremost, there is nothing like a New York City skyline! It’s absolutely amazing if you’re in the right areas. The first time I came to NYC and came up out of subway I was shocked by the sheer size of everything. I also enjoy the diversity, all this culture in one place. It’s amazing! I love how open minded and free spirited this city seems to be!

Outside of modeling, what do you like to do in your free time?
I love to read. It’s my absolute favorite pastime. I’m a huge nerd and only really love reading fantasy such as Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. But recently I’ve been trying to expand to other forms of fictional writing. I also love to draw. My grandmother, mother, and several other family members are extremely accomplished in their specific talents. I happen to love charcoals, pen and pencil, etc. I just recently started becoming more physically active. I discovered I love rock climbing and am trying to make it happen more often this summer.
You had mentioned a continued interest in the art world, is that something you might pursue as a career?
Absolutely. I would eventually like to finish my last year at college and start working in graphic design. I have this desire to illustrate the covers of the books I read. And because I think music is life, it would be amazing to design concert posters, album covers, etc for my favorite singers or bands.

What are some of your favorite bands?
I listen to a little bit of everything and my interests change with the seasons, but there is one man who stays constant in my musical life and that is Ray Lamontagne. One of my all time favorite singers and more recently “bands”. He is timeless and classic.


Are you grateful for the experiences you’ve had while modeling?
Yes. Modeling has opened so many doors for me. I have never had a better outlet for traveling and meeting new people. I’m learning something new everyday, whether it’s about the career I’m in or the career I want to pursue after this. It’s the chance of a lifetime. I’m so thankful and appreciative for every moment of it.

Do you have any advice for new models?
Educate yourself. Constantly. Never stop learning about this trade. Learn about the business side of things and also respect your comfort zone at all times. This can be an amazing experience if you make the right decisions and hold true to your wants and desires.






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traveling I found myself

Dimphy Janse is focused. At 21 she has been working steadily for 8 years and is going strong. Now based in New York she’s loving working out of her new city and exploring all it has to offer. Dimphy although singularly focused on work, has a vast array of interests, but is determined to do the best she can at what she is doing in each moment. We met in Brooklyn where she plans on moving soon and spent the afternoon shooting and eating lunch at Marlow and Sons. Immediately I got the impression that this was a passionate young woman that strives for the best.


Age: 21

Birthplace:  Breda, Holland

Agency: New York Models

Sign: Scorpio

dimphy-janse-michael-dumler-and-we-model-3035 copy

How old were you when you started modeling?

I started when I was 13 years old.

Did you model from home at that age?

Yes, I modeled till I was 18 from Holland and then I moved to Paris and then London.

Of the cities which is your favorite?

Paris was nice because I was living with my friends and the city is beautiful, but it’s not the easiest city to live in. London is nice, actually London was chill, I really like London, but New York is the best.

Why is New York the best?

There are so many different types of people, it’s so easy to get around, and there are so many parts of the city. I am really into the Williamsburg and Brooklyn scene right now, I think its so relaxed and there are a lot of creative people living there. I am moving there soon as well so I am enjoying learning a new area. Manhattan is cool too, I always run into people in Soho or West Village, which is lovely. You just have to know the nice places to go to. I don’t like midtown, but the Upper East where I live now is nice because it is so quiet.

And you travel a lot for work?

Yes, I seem to always be on locations. I started working in New York a lot more now, but before I was always traveling to Argentina, Canada, Germany, all over really and usually I try to go to Amsterdam to see friends as well.

What’s your favorite place you’ve shot?

I don’t have a favorite place, I think everything is so beautiful and there are so many amazing places. Every shoot has a different team and they all add to the feel of place and make it special.

Is there somewhere you haven’t shot at that you would like to?

Hawaii and I want to go to Australia. I think I want to live in Australia. My sister lived there and traveled there, I think it’s a good life in Australia.



How many siblings do you have?

I have an older brother and sister. My sister is almost finished with her studies and I think she will be coming to live with me in New York. My brother lives in London and he is doing all sorts of things in the films. My family is very close we talk and text a lot and always try to see each other as much as we can.

Outside of modeling what do you like to do?

When I was very young I started to play in musicals. My sister was doing that as well. My parents would take us to auditions and support us, it was a very nice time. I liked to dance and act and my sister and I played in a band together. I played the drums and my sister played the violin. We played in a little bar in our town and friends would come and watch us play. I sail a lot as well, my father is really into sailing, so we sailed as a family. I tried break dancing for a while. Ballet as well but it was too girly. I really just want to try everything! I love art and movies, lately I have been writing a lot.  Because I travel so much I like to write while I am flying or in a hotel, it’s a great way for me to clear my head and gather my thoughts. After I write I always feel fresh, ready for the next city.

What is your favorite band?

I’m in for everything, depends on my mood.

Are you grateful for the experiences you’ve had from modeling?

I think it was the right thing for me, when I was in school I always felt different and that I wanted to do something different. Studying was going well for me and I loved music, but I didn’t see myself doing either of those things. I really was comfortable by myself and I think that was good for this job because you are on your own so much traveling. I’ve always been comfortable traveling on my own, going around cities by myself and discovering things. I think through modeling and traveling I found myself.

Have you thought about what might come next?

Well I’ve just moved to New York and want to be completely focused on living here and working. There is still a lot more traveling and shoots I want to do, I am doing fashion week again this September which I am excited for. For now I want to keep my focus on work. The future will come as it should. But maybe in a few years there will be some acting or photography…or perhaps production. There is a lot I want to do! But I most stay focused on modeling I don’t want to do anything halfway.

Do you have any advice for new models?

I think they have to be really sure that want it. It’s a hard profession, its not the glamorous life we imagine and you really have to be comfortable with yourself.





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My inspiration is living and watching

Dorith Mous is strong. When we first met over dinner in Brooklyn it was immediately obvious that she was not shy to speak her mind or stand behind her words. When she talks of music her eyes lit up with intensity as she relates how she must have music in her life. Much the same when she speaks of photography and what she finds fascinating in a subject. At 27, not that she looks it, she has signed with a new agency and is continuing to make her mark. In an industry full of young girls Dorith continues to find success and whether it be in modeling, music, or photography I am excited to see what she does next.


Age: 27

Birthplace: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Agency: Muse

Sign: Taurus


How did you start modeling?

I was scouted at 14 years old. Two weeks later i was flown into London for a miu-miu casting. Life felt strange.

What was your most exciting moment in modeling?

It has yet to come ;)

Where was your favorite place to shoot?

Alaska. It was on the foothill of a glacier, 4 hours into a wilderness of ice.

Are you grateful for you experiences you’ve had because of modeling?

Immensely. Not only have I been places and traveled, it also made me who I am today, of which I’m proud.

How did your fascination with music begin?

It’s in my blood. My love for music has been flowing through my veins since birth. I definitely have my father to thank for my love of music.

You’ve been very focused on your music, tell me about what you’re doing?

At the moment I’m trying to find my personal style. Listening a lot to what others have brought to this world and trying to write constantly.

What are you listening to lately?

Anything good. Classical to dubstep, folk to blues and back.


When did you fascination with photography begin?

Since I could see an object/subject and realize what it is in both it’s totality and it’s abstract sense. So let’s say since I was 5.

What do you look for in a subject?

Beauty. All Kinds.

Has modeling influenced you as a photographer?

Definitely. I know how to move around the model cause I know what’s in her head and I definitely know how to make a model feel at ease and comfortable. Which is half the battle of posing anyway. Someone doesn’t have to be a model to be extremely beautiful and photogenic.

Who are some photographers that influenced you?

Nobody really influences me. Many inspire me.

Helmut Newton of course, marc LaGrange, Ellen von Unwerth, but also bloggers and less known photographers. My inspiration is living and watching.

You’ve lived all over the world, do you have a favorite city?

New York for it’s versatility. Los Angeles for it’s nature and weather.

Amsterdam in the spring for happy living. Definitely always had and needed more than one ‘favorite place’

Are there any other projects aside from your music and photography that you have going?

I’m writing a screenplay/treatment. Film is a big big part of my life. I edit video too.

If you had to choose music or photography?

I’d rather die than choose.

Any advice for young models?

Never let anyone tell you what or who you are so you stay balanced in your own being.

dorith-mous-michael-dumler-and-we-model-2038dw copy-final



dorith-mous-michael-dumler-and-we-model-2278 copy


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I am happy so that’s what counts

Annie McGinty is beyond her 21 years; her soft and deliberate voice echos from the 60’s as she sings along to Jimi Hendrix. She like many of the artists from that bygone era works with many mediums, she writes, draws, paints, and loves photography. While her interests are varied her focus is not, this young woman is here to work hard to get where she wants.



Age: 21

Birthplace: Columbus, Ohio

Agency: Trump

Sign: Aquarius


What did you do before modeling?

I worked at a snowboard shop and a pizza shop. I was a really bad waitress; I was really awkward and couldn’t deal with people. I guess I was really shy! I think that changed when I started modeling though, I learned to be more confident, but I’m still shy I guess.

When did you start modeling?

I was 16 when I really started modeling and when I moved to New York the first time. Once I was here I began traveling on jobs frequently and eventually began moving around quite a lot. It was really exciting but scary too.

Are you grateful for the experiences you’ve had because of modeling?

Oh yeah absolutely. I think it taught me so much, I mean I had to learn to live on my own at 16 in strange cities in foreign counties. I moved to Milan when I was 16 and didn’t know anyone or anything. Living on my own taught me so much more than a classroom would have.

Where were you living before you moved back to New York?

Before New York I was living in a lot places but most recently in Los Angeles and Miami before that.

Where is your favorite place you lived?

My favorite place is LA I think, I really love the beach, the mountains, and the desert and how close it all is. I love being in nature and in LA its easy to find. Paris is definitely the most beautiful place I have ever lived and New York, but LA is still my favorite place to be.

But you just moved back to New York?

Yes – It’s better here for me for work. I can advance my career here, there is just more here –I know LA is not going anywhere. I will go back someday. I am here to work, I’m not here to party or mess around – I still go out and have fun, but I try not to do that all the time. I prefer to go to shows and listen to great music than go “out.”


What are some of your favorite bands?

Well all of my favorite bands are all dead. It sounds kinda cheesy, but really I love Jimi Hendrix, no else sounds like him – he’s a god in my eyes. I love Jefferson Airplane. Old psychedelic rock. For bands that are living I am in love with Kurt Vile – indie bands, I’m not really into the pop music thing. I think I am a hippie at heart, maybe I was born into the wrong time, but I am happy so that’s what counts.

So you mostly go to shows or do you go out to clubs?

I had that phase I guess where I went to clubs and did all that, but that’s over for me now. I don’t see the point anymore, I just want to focus on work and listen to great music.


I noticed you had a big bruise on your leg, good story?

(laughs) It’s actually a scar. I was in Ojai with some friends and I borrowed one of their skateboards to skate down this hill. Well the hill was a little too steep and I went a little too fast. I ate shit on the pavement and now I have a big scar there that looks like a bruise. I guess it could have been a lot worse.

Do you do any other sports or activities?

Yoga, but everyone does  Yoga so that’s boring. I love to hike. I used to do a lot of hiking in Topanga when I lived there in a tree house. It was amazing, I would get lost all the time in the woods and hear all these animals –sometimes ones I didn’t want to hear, like mountain lions. Topanga is what made me fall in love with LA.

You like to draw do you make any other kinds of art?

Yeah I started drawing when I was in middle school and then I began working on painting, mostly abstract – well all abstract, for now at least. Since I started traveling so much I haven’t been painting – its too hard to travel with paint and everything I need. I also do a lot of writing.

Do you have a favorite writer?

My favorite is Bukowski. His first novel, Ham on Rye, inspired me to start writing for myself. I think at first I was just writing my thoughts, but as I got older it progressed into poetry and stories.

Do you see yourself working in the arts after modeling?

Yeah I think so. I’m really into photography, but not fashion photography. I want to travel to amazing places like Africa and India and meet families to hear their stories, to capture their stories, and to make them smile. A smile can be so healing.









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when you’re here you’re so alive

Svea Berlie may be the coolest 18 year old I’ve ever met. From her amazing taste in music to her excellent cooking skills this young woman has the world at her fingertips. She may be new to New York but she has been captured by the energy and aliveness of the city she calls home now. With so many roads ahead of her it will be exciting to see Svea’s career develop further.


Age: 18

Birthplace: Nijmegen, Netherlands

Agency: Marilyn Agency

Sign: Virgo



You started modeling at 13, did you do anything before that?

I worked for an Art Photographer for two years and before that I was a little kid.

What did you do for the Art Photographer?

Every month we did one or two photo shoots for art collections. I was making about 35 euro a session, which was big money for me since we didn’t have much when I was growing up.

That’s pretty amazing.

It really was. With fashion it is more about the clothes, but with art photography it’s all about how your body is compared to your expression. It was all about the expression in your eyes without making crazy faces. It really helped me a lot I believe and I loved doing that –I miss doing that.

How did you get into modeling?

Right before I turned 14 I was about to submit my photos to agencies, but my mother agent now, sent me an email asking if I was interested and if I was to have my parents to contact her since I was so young. My parents liked that and were supportive. We met five days later and I got my first paid job.

You’ve been in New York how long?

Two months, but I’ve been gone a lot too working.

How do you like it?

I love the city.

What is your favorite part about New York?

I think walking around SoHo at 1 am is just magical. I grew up in countryside so I love nature, but the whole city engages you.

Engages you how?

I don’t know — just the whole atmosphere the feeling you get when you’re here you’re so alive — when I go to my hometown it will be so boring, there will be nobody out on the streets — it is old and small and this is big and people in the streets all the time and things going on all the time


Where did your taste in music come from?

My Dad, well my step-dad — when I met him he had 3000 cds and 1000 records and he always played music. I always enjoyed music and it always helped me through hard time. The first time I met my step-dad went to see this Dutch band play and I remember being so entranced by it, the music, the lyrics, it all just felt right — for how I was feeling at the time.

Who is one your favorite musicians?

Johnny Cash, I love his music. His deep voice, his lyrics, they are amazing.

Either Folsom Prison Blues or Would You Lay with Me are my favorites of his.


How did you start cooking?

My mother was not such a good cook, so we got some cookbooks and started cooking from them and I started following her lead from the books and I just did what I felt tasted right

Ever since I was 3 or 4 I told my parents I wanted to be a chef. Then I met my friends when I was 14 and they were chasing their dreams and I figured why shouldn’t I chase my dreams and have my own pâtisserie and I started baking more and making cakes for everyone

What is your favorite thing to cook?

I like cooking desserts and everything that has to do with baking — what I enjoy most is when I see people loving my food.

Do you find it cathartic to cook?

Yes – I did big dinner on Friday and Thursday night I found out my dads friend passed away and I was very upset. Friday when I was cooking it put me at ease, I normally like to be alone in the kitchen but I had a friend that day and she was very helpful. Writing does the same for me, I like to write poetry to clear my head.

Do you eat a lot?

Yes I eat a shit load! I eat whatever I want but I try to limit my sugar.

Do you workout?

No. I hate to workout. I walk a lot around the city, but that doesn’t count — I think.

You mentioned you’ve started to party less?

Everyone says the city never sleeps and there is always something to do, but you go to the same place every week – every Thursday you go to Darbys and see the same people and the only way to have fun is to get really drunk and have fun with people you’re with — me, I want to really focus on my work right now. I partied hard already and saw what it was doing to me –I don’t want to look terrible at castings. There’s too much I want to do, it’s just not worth it.

Are you grateful for your experiences modeling?

Yes! It’s every little girls dream – what 15 yr old girl could say they’ve been to South Africa and do a photo shoot with an elephant!

You also talked about acting.

I would love to act. I’ve always been into it since I was a kid

My favorite actresses are probably Kiera Knightly and Reese Witherspoon and Kirsten Dunst – Dunst is kinda my icon because she started out as a model and then started acting and she is amazing in Marie Antoinette – those actresses inspire me to pursue an acting career.

svea-berlie-michael-dumler-0055 svea-berlie-michael-dumler-0145 svea-berlie-michael-dumler-0087


Be sure to follow Svea on her instagram where you can see her journeys and some shots of her amazing cooking!!


Wherever it wants you to be it takes you

Zuzanna Buchwald may have stumbled into modeling on accident but this 11-year modeling veteran has made some deliberate moves in recent years. A dedicated New Yorker she may be but Zuzanna still maintains strong ties with her origins. Her Aunt is one of the founders of Child Solutions, a charity program that is devoted to helping at risk children to live full and happy lives. Zuzanna pledges her time and helps to raise awareness and money for Child Solutions. Over the course of the few days we spent together I found a hard working, intelligent, and extremely vibrant young women in Zuzanna.


Age: 25

Birthplace: Poznań, Poland

Agency:  One.1 Management 

Sign: Scorpio




What did you do before modeling?

I was a girl scout first and then a synchronized swimmer for five years. I then started modeling at fourteen years old.

You just recently graduated from college.  What did you study?

I majored in Art History and Media Studies.

What is your favorite period you studied?

I love modern and contemporary art, but I think that four years of undergrad is not enough to expose you to every period. I would love to do my masters.

Who is a contemporary artist you admire?

Louise Burgeois among many others. She is very close to my heart because I wrote a long paper on her in school near the time of her passing.  She was a passionate and inspiring woman who conveyed her feminist ideas in various media. I think she was a strong and inspiring individual who knew how to communicate her beliefs through her art very well.  Right now, I also am developing a strong appreciation for fine art photography.

 Is working in the art world your next move?

Possibly. I just need to figure out what job in the industry would suit me best. I’ve been interning at art galleries and art fair since I’ve finished school, so I’m starting to have an idea what to expect. I love fashion, as well, and have been in that industry for eleven years now, so maybe I could do something with both? It’s really difficult to decide on one future job at the moment.

Do you think your time as a model will aid you in the art world?

Yes. You have to gain a certain kind of confidence, openness and independence when you’re a model, and I think all three will help greatly as I transition into a new career.


You started working at 14 and took that very seriously; now you’re able to cut lose a bit more.

When you’re a teenager you are supposed to party, experiment, and meet new people. I was very focused on work and professional at 14 and my parents were not saying no to modeling but they also were not helping with things such as my taxes, visas, contracts. So I had to learn to do it all on my own, how to deal with agencies and clients, it was a lot for a young girl. That really took my teens away from me. I was studying hard and working a lot, I didn’t have time to party, make friends that were not models, travel for fun… Now that I am out of college and slowly transitioning into a new lifestyle, I am doing all of those things (laughs). Which is ridiculous because some of my friends my age are now getting serious. Some are even already married and starting families. For me it was all upside-down. I know it will end soon, with a new job, I will probably have less time and energy for all that. But for now, I am having so much fun.

Do you want to stay in New York?

Yes. For now, New York for me is the place to be. In the future I would like to live a little closer to nature.

Did you want to be a model?

I never wanted to be a model. A lot of girls want to be models or actresses; I wanted to be a landscape designer. My grandfather is an architect and he had all these beautiful landscape design and gardening books in his office. I remember being very young and loving them. I was convinced that was what I wanted to do.

Do you still have a notion of being a landscape designer?

No, no. I love nature, but I don’t think I have the skill to be a landscape designer. Modeling just happened. It all snowballed so quickly and before I knew it I was living in New York and supporting myself through modeling.

Are you grateful for the experience?

Yes, of course. It has been a wonderful experience. It’s just an example of how life does what it wants with you. Wherever it wants you to be it takes you. So I can plan all I want, but who knows what will come to pass. You can just try and make the right decisions and be a good person (aaaaand have fun.)

What was the last book you read?

I re-read “The Picture of Dorian Gray”, which is great and “The Missing Rose” written by my friend Serdar.

Five things you couldn’t live without?

My dog, my friends, music, traveling, chocolate, phone/camera to take pictures, candles, books, accessories… Oh wait, was that more than 5???:)

Where is your next adventure take place?

I’m going to Mexico in 2 weeks for a fun job. Then, hmmmm… Burning man;)

What would your last meal be?

Breakfast buffet. I could eat breakfast food for every meal.

If you could have dinner with anyone alive or dead tonight who would it be?

All of my great grandparents. I only knew one great grandmother and I didn’t have time to ask her all of the questions I had for her.







 To find out more about Child Solutions please click here and to help a great cause you can donate here.